2016/17 Season Affiliation NEW

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Central Cyclo-Cross League 2016


2016 is a year of change with electronic timing being introduced across all races for the first time.

Every rider will require their own individual chip and so we are shifting affiliation or league registration to an individual basis rather than club and individual as in previous years. There will be no club affiliation, every rider must register individually.

On affiliation, each rider will be designated a chip which they will retain for the series.

Affiliation for 2016 is electronic via the BC website at the following link


There is no paper based or postal option and affiliation is not available on the day at races.

Affiliation will be the cost of the chip which is £10 for junior and senior riders with youth and younger riders paying £5.

Chips will be provided at the first race after online affiliation and must be retained for the whole series.

If a rider forgets their chip at a subsequent race , they will have to rent another on the day for £10 which is refundable on return at the end of the day.

If a rider loses a chip, they will have to purchase another for £10 which is not refundable.

If a rider breaks a chip, it will be swapped at no cost.

Youth riders and younger will use the same chips but will only pay £5 to rent or buy a replacement.

Benefits of affiliation

  • Cheaper race entry
  • Gridding
  • Central CXL League points


Affiliated adult riders will pay £15 per race for entries online. The cost increase reflects the cost of providing the timing system.

All other race entries for affiliated riders are being held at last year’s prices.

Affiliated junior entry is being held at 2015 prices at £10

Affiliated Youth £6

Affiliated U12/U10/U8 £2.50

We recognize that non affiliated riders or riders from other leagues will want to ride Central on an occasional basis and so online entry will be available at a premium

  • Adult £17.50
  • Novice £10
  • Junior £12.50
  • Youth £7.50
  • U12 and younger £5

These riders will be required to rent a chip on the day for £10 adult/junior and £5 youth/U12/U10/U8 which will be refunded on the day on return of the chip. Failure to return on the day will result in loss of the rental deposit – it will not be possible to refund at future rounds as each race is costed individually. You will however be able to race at a future race with the chip you rented if you failed to return.

Online entries will close at midnight on the Tuesday prior to each race.

For those who missed the online entry and choose to enter on the day, the same price structure as last year will apply.

  • Adult £20
  • Junior £15
  • Novice £15
  • Youth £10
  • U12/U10/U8 £5

Non affiliated riders will be required to rent a chip for £10 or £5 for younger riders. The rental will be refunded on the day on return of the chip. If the chip is not returned on the day, the deposit will be lost.

As in previous years you do not need a British Cycling Race Licence to compete in the Central CXL. However, If you are not a member of British Cycling, you will have to pay an additional day licence fee – applies whether you have entered online or on the day of £3. This does not apply to U10 and U12 riders

We hope that you find the pricing structure acceptable and recognize that we have tried to encourage youngsters into the sport by holding prices at last years levels.

Affiliation will be cheaper for individual riders and in fact for clubs with less than 10 riders, the overall cost will be cheaper.

We have also priced the league to encourage league registration as it will be cheaper to affiliate if you plan to do more than 4 races with the cost saving of cheaper entries for registered riders.

There will be many questions and we hope to deal with as many as possible before the league starts at the end of September. In the meantime, do post your questions and they will be answered in open forum to build a knowledge base for other riders.