2016 Prize Arrangements

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NEW FOR 2016/17

Electronic timing for this year means that we will be able to present all prizes on the day within an hour of the finish. All race results are updated live and as soon as they are confirmed, prizes will be presented.

This means that riders will need to stay for prize presentation as there will be no post event transfer system as in previous seasons – that system was put in place as we were unable to reliably pay out a confirmed result on race day.



The following prizes will be paid

TOP 6 Senior £30/25/20/15/10/5

TOP 6 V40  £30/25/20/15/10/5

TOP 6 V50 £30/25/20/15/10/5

TOP 3 Senior women £30/25/20

TOP 3 Veteran women £30/25/20

Top 3 Junior men £15/10/5

Top 3 Junior women  £15/10/5

Top 3 Youth U16 Boys £10/5/5

Top 3 Youth U16 Girls £10/15/5

Top 3 Youth U14 Boys £10/15/5

Top 3 Youth U14  Girls £10/5/5

Younger riders will be recognised with podium presentations and an award but no cash prizes.

The novice event is a fun event and so does not attract prize money or points but we will recognise the top 3 in each novice race  with a podium call.





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