CXL R4 LBRCC – chip placement reminder!


CXL R4 LBRCC is almost upon us. Reminder that on the day entries are open in all races with no limit. Just get there in plenty of time for registration – registration will be open for all races from outset and will close 15 mins before race start.

Full event details at CXL R4 RACE DETAILS

PLEASE remember your chips if you have already raced. Swap your chip for a new race pack at sign on. If you have not raced and are collecting for the first time as a Central CXL rider – your pack will be marked to collect.

If you are not part of the league or forget your chip, you will need to rent. Please do not forget your £10 if adult or £5 if a youth or younger.

CHIP POSITION – if you do not attach your chip to your shoe, you will not get a race time. So do not leave in the car, do not wear your team mates or family members, and do not attach to your bike. Otherwise CX becomes a ride around a field with a bunch of others rather than a race?

As some riders have not yet heard the message on chip placement, please help the league and Race Timing Solutions by checking your fellow riders and highlighting the issue if their chip is on their handlebars!


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