2018 League Info NEW


There are 15 events in the 2018 League with your best 8 to score.

You do not need to be a member of the league to race in Central CXL events. All races have online entry which closes at 23:55 on the Tuesday prior to each race. Pre entry is cheaper and all entries are gridded irrespective of whether you are a league member.

All races have unlimited entry on the day in all categories but there is no on the day gridding – unless you are a National Champion or similar. Being top 10 in another League will count for nothing with on the day requests and so please do not bother asking!

You need to compete in  at least 4 events to qualify for the league standings, but if you complete more than 8 your best 8 will be selected for your ranking and updated after each subsequent race.

Entry to all races is via the British Cycling site at  RACE ENTRY

The League is open to the following categories

Senior men

Senior Women

Male Veteran 40-49

Male Veteran 50+

Women Veterans



Under 12

Under 10

Under 8

How do I join?

This year all affiliation is on an individual rider basis via the British Cycling website. See the affiliation page for full details and a link to the Central CXL Affiliation page on the BC site. AFFILIATION PAGE

There is no club affiliation – every rider must register individually to be included in the league.

There is no paper or postal affiliation and you cannot affiliate on the day, Registration is online and in advance only.

What are the benefits of joining?

Online race entry is cheaper for registered riders.

Registered riders will be preferentially gridded in advance after online entries close.

Only registered riders score Central CXL League points

What if my club is based outside Central Region?

It doesn’t matter where you live, any rider can take part in any event, and can also affiliate to the league.

What are the categories?

EFFECTIVE FROM September 1st 2018

Under 8 – born 2011 or later

Under 10 –  born in 2009 or 2010

Under 12  – born in 2007 or 2008

Youth – U14  – born in 2005 or 2006

Youth  – U16 – born in  2003 or 2004

Junior  – born in 2001 or 2002

Senior  – born 1979- 2000

Veteran 40 –  born 1969-1978

V50+ – born 1959-1968

V60+  – born 1958 or earlier

Women – all race together but are  classified as junior, senior and veteran as per the above

How much does it cost?

Race Entry Fees
Entry fees are shown for online entry (OLE) and for entry on the day. All online entries are subject to a £1 booking fee per race. Online entry closes for all events at midnight on the Tuesday prior to each event.
You do not need a British Cycling Race Licence to compete in the Central CXL
However, If you are not a member of British Cycling, you will have to pay an additional day license fee – applies whether you have entered online or on the day of £3. This does not apply to U10 and U12 riders
JOIN BC FOR FREE – if not been a member previously, you qualify for free BC Bronze membership when registering for the Central CXL. follow the link FREE BRONZE


U10 £2.50 online £5 on the day
U12 £2.50 online £5 on the day
Youth  £6 online  or £10 on day
Junior £10 online  or £15 on the day (boys and girls)
Vets/Senior £15 online or £20 on the day


We recognize that non-affiliated riders or riders from other leagues will want to ride Central on an occasional basis and so online entry will be available at a premium

Adult £17.50

Novice £10

Junior £12.50

Youth £7.50

U12 and younger £4

All riders will be required to buy a chip on the day for £5. This chip can be swapped for a new one free of charge at any future race in 2018 season or you will need to pay £5 at your next race.

Mountain bikes allowed MTB bikes may be ridden in League events

Race Day Timetable

9:00 Course open for training
9:30 U10’s duration 10 mins
9:32 – U8’s Duration 10 mins
9:50 – U12’s Duration 15 mins
10:15 – Youth Duration 30 mins –
A window of about 30 mins for sighting/training
11:15 – Vet 40+ Duration 40 mins
A window of about 10 mins for sighting/training
12:15 – Vet 50+ Duration 40 mins
A window of about 30 mins for sighting/training
13:30 Junior Men and All Women Duration 40 mins
A window of about 10 mins for sighting/training
14:30 – Seniors Duration 60 mins
Race day timetable will be subject to weather and local conditions and the commissaries will have the final say.

League Points

The points system for the league is based on category. For veterans who elect to race in the senior 1-hour race, you will all be scored as seniors and no category points will be awarded. To score category points, you need to race in that category.

There are currently 15 counting events in the 2018 League, with your best 8 scores to count for the overall. You need to race a minimum of 4 events to qualify for overall rankings

If you ride more than 4 but less than 8, your cumulative points for those races completed will be used for your ranking

At the end of the season, if there is a tie in an award position, a countback system will determine the placing order – the most recent race in which the riders competed together will determine the order.

How Does Gridding Work?

Pre gridding will apply to all those who have entered online and will favour CXL members.

Online entry will close at 23:55 on Tuesday prior to race day for all CXL events.

This means that if you are not a member of the CXL or did not enter online and in advance, you will be positioned at the back of the pre gridded riders.

There will, of course, be an element of discretion for riders of demonstrable national ranking who will be accommodated in a position on the grid appropriate to their level.