Here we seek to answer the obvious questions you may have in respect of racing cyclo-cross in Central League races. We will add further answers as riders raise queries on the web and on social media and so do look again.

League affiliation and British Cycling

No – all races are open to all riders although race entry on line in advance is cheaper for registered riders. Unlimited entry on the day is always available in all Central CXL races.

No- but again it is cheaper to race if you are a member of BC as you will not have to pay the £3 for a day licence each time you race.

You can race as a private member or as a member of a BC registered club. You can affiliate to the league whether you are a club member or not.

We have moved to individual affiliation at £10 for adults and £5 for junior, youth and younger riders. This is because we will have individual chips and need to associate them with individual riders. Clubs no longer affiliate and every rider must register as an individual if they want to participate in the league and achieve cheaper race entry.

If you are new to British Cycling, you can join for free as an affiliated rider in Central CXL. Follow the link and select Central Cyclo-cross League as your club and you will receive a free Bronze membership and provisional licence as an introductory offer.

CCXL are the first BC region to have a specific Singlespeed category. SSCX has grown huge in North America CX and we are keen to do the same. All you need is a bike with one gear, if you would like some help here is a helpful LINK.

All male / females race together regardless of age (>18), and a top 3 will be awarded. If you are thinking of asking if there are British Cycling points for the SSCX race…..its not for you. Its more about crazy, one gear, one bike fun.

Race formats and what to expect

All our races are suitable for novice entries. There is a novice category in Race 1, this has a shorter duration and perfect if you want to give CX a try. If not Race 2, & you have not raced before, you will simply start at the back of your appropriate age group and learn from the more experienced riders in front of you.

All races are open to riders of cross bikes and MTBs.

YES! All women riders from junior to V50+ race together with NO MEN!

Gridding is primarily based on average finish position in previous races. At the start of the season we use last years results and as the season progresses we fine-tune the process based on current form

Gridding only applies to Central CXL affiliated riders, however if you feel you are an MVDP or an Evie Richards, you can speak to a British Cycling commissaire  well in advance of the race start (at least 1 hour) with demonstrable justification of national standing and it will be their discretion if and where they grid you.

Only riders who enter in advance will automatically be gridded. Preference is given to affiliated riders who enter online in advance. If you do not enter in advance, you will not be gridded as positions are calculated prior to race day and are based on average Central CXL finishing positions. The only exception to this would be if a national champion or similar quality rider entered on the day and requested a grid position from the commissaire on the day.

Yes – all races from U8- V50 will be chip timed for the 2021 season with results available on a screen at the event and online post race.

All riders will be issued with a new active chip at every race. This is because every pre-entered rider is gridded, their grid ranking is reflected in their race number and every chip is coded to each rider for their new ranking at each race. You must return the chips at the end of each race, they are very expensive and you will be charged if they go missing.

Each event has a fresh batch of activated chips associated with the allocated race numbers.

Registered riders will collect their new number and chip at registration at every race they enter.

Chips need to be returned at the end of every race to ensure the rider does not have to pay a penalty.

Chips will be attached to a rider’s ankle using the velcro strip supplied with the chip. This is because in cyclo-cross riders will change bikes and so it would not work with bike-mounted chips as used in MTB and road races.

How to enter CCXL races

Online entries always close at 23:55 on the Tuesday prior to each race. There are always unlimited entries on the day in all races.

You are rewarded for entering early with a cheaper price as this helps with race admin. We recognize that riders will on occasions miss the online entry deadline or decide to travel on the day to race. Our race entries will accommodate on the day entries but at a higher price to reflect the administrative inconvenience. On the day entries are not restricted – you are always guaranteed a race with Central CXL.

CCXL scoring and results

The race winner for each category race will be allocated 100 points with the points reducing further down the field. Registered rider’s points will automatically be allocated to provide a ranking.



Your best 7 scores will be counted towards the season end prizes. Only riders who race in 4 races or more will qualify for final league rankings.

And so in summary 4 to qualify and best 7 to score.  If you race only 3 events for example you will not be counted in the rankings. If you race 4-7 events, your scores will be added to provide a ranking. If you race more than 7 events, your weakest scores will be dropped with only the best 7 featuring in the tally.

FAQS - Central Cyclo-cross League